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Related to engagement with women MPs and Political Parties


Educational Pages’ Past Engagement with MPs and Political Parties:

  • Actively collaborated with Members of Parliament and political parties to drive policy reform, emphasizing girls’ education and Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).
  • Conducted joint visits with women MPs and government representatives to different districts of Nepal tomonitor and address GESI issues, menstrual hygiene, gender equity among others.
  • Facilitated for a high-level interaction on the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP), gathering insights for policy enhancement in the education sector.
  • Initiated the formation of a Women CA/MPs network for girls’ education. Please find the network formation information here: https://rb.gy/bs3qsc
  • Facilitated for signing of 15 Point Commitment to engage parliamentarians in policy reform, particularly on gender issues in schools. Please find the event report here: https://rb.gy/bs3qsc


South Asian Conference of Parliamentarians on Girls Education and GESI:

  • Took the lead as the implementer of the South Asia Parliamentarian Platform for Children conference, bringing together lawmakers from eight South Asian countries. The conference was organized in 2011and in collaboration with UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) and the Parliament of Nepal, focusing on children’s rights, health, education, and disparities in living conditions. Please find detail of the event here: https://rb.gy/1ixgg9
  • Successful to formulate a ‘South Asia parliamentarian’s network’ for sharing insights and fostering collaboration, emphasizing the important role of parliaments in creating lasting changes for children.

Education Pages’ Engagement with MPs for Girls’ Education and Inclusion:

  • Engaged MPs and the Department of Education in discussions about local issues and initiatives taken on GESI issues with district-level stakeholders.
  • Interacted with gender focal points of forty schools in Doti district, district gender focal persons, and Members of the girls’ education and gender equity network in various districts.
  • Shared information on government policies promoting girls’ education and GESI, including key provisions in the new education act during its drafting process.