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 Contributions to Quality Education:


Welcome to School Campaign Support:

  • As a Key stakeholder of Welcome to School Campaign, Educational Pages collaborated with the government, Global Campaign for Education (GCE) group and partners to provide  support, and information to students and families in 15 districts in the year in 2005 to 2015

National Youth Conference for Quality Education:

  • Organized a National Youth Conference to draw attention to education, employment, youth policy, and gender equity. Please find the program report link here: https://t.ly/3NAQc

Newsletter Support:

  • Contributed to support publishing newsletters for government education agencies under Education for All (EFA).

Teacher Commitment on Quality education:

  • Supported Teachers Unions to make their commitment on quality education and publicize it among the stakeholders. Please find the program report link here: https://t.ly/ojPI0