• Shreenagar, Minbhawan, Kathmandu
  • 01-4781046

Education in Emergency

  • As an Education Cluster Member contributing to the Government Educational Pages provided technical support at the time of Koshi in 2008
  • Contributed to Nepal earthquake response, focusing on supporting schools and the Back to School Campaign in 2015. For more, please refer the link here: https://rb.gy/i2787b


Conducted orientations on Disaster Risk Reduction for teachers and stakeholders

  • Engaged on School Re-Opening Campaign after Covid-19
  • Informed 299 local government officials on government provisions for school re-opening, emphasizing girls’ education, gender equity, and social inclusion.
  • Oriented 392 head teachers on safety measures for school reopening.
  • Provided psychosocial support to teachers and students.