Educational Pages is a non-political, non-governmental and nonprofit making institution. This organization is mainly concern on providing information, knowledge, skill and technique to schools teachers of rural school to uplift education stander of community schools and strongly involves on advocacy & lobby for the policy reform to make Quality Education for All possible.

It publishes the first newspaper in education sector of Nepal with social motive and wider range of circulation. It is organized and operated by a motivated team of youths in co-operation with the teachers and educationalists. It is in continuous efforts in terms of advocacy and promotion of overall status of education with the ultimate motto of ‘quality education for all’. For this Educational Pages is always informs, trends, guides, and make the concerned bodies aware for the betterment of education.

As social organization, we try to expose and highlight the on-going educational events, programs and point out the problems and share successes to make aware the schools, teachers, policy makers and other concerned groups, which would be supportive to step furthermore.



Ensuring quality education to every child in a equitable manner is our inner mission to accomplish.


Educational Pages aims to enhance the quality of school education of Nepal. It focuses to disseminate educational information, transforms skills and knowledge to every schools teachers and educational stakeholders for the enhancement of overall environment to ensure quality education to every child.

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