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Educational Pages

Brief Introduction

Educational Pages is a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the educational standards of community schools. Our primary focus is to equip school teachers, government authorities, and stakeholders with information, knowledge, skills, and techniques. We actively engage in advocacy and lobbying for policy reform, offering technical support for policy implementation, and compelling authorities to ensure the effective execution of policies for the achievement of ‘Quality Education for All’.

With a strong record in advancing girls’ and inclusive education, the Educational Pages specializes in policy formation, strategic planning, capacity development, and evidence-based advocacy within the education sector. Noteworthy achievements include integrating Girls and Inclusive Education Networking (GIEN) into government structures and crafting a Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) policy. As an active member of the education cluster, the organization led post-earthquake back-to-school and COVID-19 school reopening campaigns, providing critical training on Gender Equity, Inclusion, CRM, and psychosocial support. In its latest initiative, Education Pages worked with 80 Local Governments across four provinces to adopt GIEN and CRM policies. The organization remains committed to supporting data generation, participating in the Education Sector Plan (ESP) development, fostering networking, providing ongoing capacity development, and engaging in joint monitoring for inclusive and quality education.

Education Pages transitioned into an NGO following its registration on 2013, although it has been actively involved in the education sector since 2003 as a media entity. This transformation was prompted by advice from professional education experts, aiming to enhance the organization’s eligibility to directly implement educational initiatives on the ground rather than solely reporting them. Previously, Education Pages pioneered the publication of the first newspaper in Nepal’s education sector, advocating and supporting Nepal government’s core mission of achieving ‘quality education for all’ through informed dissemination, trend analysis, guidance, and awareness-raising efforts.


Empowering the future through quality education, Educational Pages envisions a Nepal where every child has access to an enriching and inclusive school environment, fostering lifelong learning and holistic development.


Educational Pages is dedicated to elevating the quality of school education in Nepal by advocating and lobbying for transformative measures. We focus on disseminating educational information, imparting skills, and sharing knowledge with schools, teachers, and educational stakeholders to enhance the overall educational environment, ensuring that every child receives a high-quality education.

Goal/ Objective:

Advocacy for Transformative Measures:

  • Advocate and lobby for policy changes and transformative measures that elevate the quality of school education in Nepal.

Information Dissemination:

  • Establish effective channels for disseminating educational information to schools, teachers, and educational stakeholders.

Skill Enhancement Programs:

  • Implement skill enhancement programs aimed at improving teaching methods and student learning outcomes.

Knowledge Sharing Initiatives:

  • Facilitate platforms and initiatives for the exchange of knowledge among schools, teachers, and educational stakeholders.

Overall Educational Environment Improvement:

  • Work towards enhancing the overall educational environment by addressing systemic issues and implementing sustainable improvements.

Working approach

Educational Pages is working closely with various stakeholders to achieve its mission and vision for quality education for all in Nepal.

Government Collaboration and Policy Execution:

  • Educational Pages maintains close coordination with MoEST, CEHRD, and other Federal Government Agencies. The organization aligns its efforts with government policies, priorities, and interventions through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Educational Pages strategically engages with a diverse set of stakeholders, including MPs, Political Parties, Teacher Unions, Women Teacher Network, I/NGOs, CZOP, Community-based organizations, and various line ministries.

Wider Partnership and Networking:

  • Educational Pages believes in forming wider partnerships with like-minded organizations, emphasizing networking and coordination among stakeholders to enhance the energy of interventions.

Long-term Collaborations:

  • Educational Pages maintains long-standing partnerships with development partners , local bodies and local governments. Educational Pages’s partnership with  UNICEF, Local Government, CEHRD, Paliks Association, and selected NGOs are result of this initiative.

Multi-level Project Implementation Partnerships:

  • Educational Pages emphasizes close partnerships with CEHRD and Palikas for project implementation, and collaborates with local NGOs when necessary.

Mainstreaming CRM and Technical Support:

  • Educational Pages focuses on mainstreaming Community Resource Management (CRM), providing technical support for system building across federal, provincial, and local government levels.

Community Participation and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Educational Pages promotes the active participation of stakeholders, ensuring involvement of SMC, PTA, and community members. Sharing sessions at schools facilitate the dissemination of CRM provisions among teachers and students.

Adaptability to Changing Circumstances:

  • Educational Pages adapts to changing circumstances . For example , it utilized virtual methods for coordination during lockdowns or unforeseen situations.

Capacity Development and Knowledge Sharing:

  • The organization supports the Provincial Gender Equity (GE) network in organizing capacity development training, fostering knowledge sharing within the network.

Multi-Sectoral Collaboration:

  • Educational Pages forms close partnerships with local police, health service providers, local NGOs, and CBOs in project areas.

Institutional Governance

Educational Pages, led by a team of young experienced professionals, focuses on empowering disadvantaged women and girls in Nepal through education. Guided by the board and Executive Chair, the organization’s operations, overseen by program officers, include district offices and three key departments. A recent audit highlights robust financial management, emphasizing transparency and responsible resource utilization.

Educational Pages actively promotes equity and diversity in its human resource structure, aligning with the recent human resource manual and GESI policy. The organization adheres to comprehensive policies covering procurement, human resources, GESI, child safeguarding, PESA, anti-fraud and monitoring and evaluation serving as crucial frameworks for its mission.

Engagement in Coalitions’

  • Member of Girls and Inclusive Education Network (GEIN) Nepal at CEHRD, since 2004
  • Member of Education Cluster of Nepal, a government led coalition in DRR, since 2008
  • Member of NCE Nepal (Coalition of NGOs and CBOs working in Education of Nepal, since 2010

Beneficiaries it served

The primary beneficiaries are 840,000 students (50 % girls), 2500 public schools across 23 districts 110 Palikas. 3400 teachers (50% female) directly benefitted. Additionally, the intervention by Educational Pages has extended its benefits to 2,420 local government officials and various school actors, including GIE Network members, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) members, School Management Committees (SMC) members, and government staff.

This Initiative (GIE networking and Complaint Response Mechanism) has country wise impact and have benefited large number of children and teachers.

Geographical Coverage

Education Pages covers all the activity of the 77 districts of Nepal. It, however, is specifically focused on 23 districts, 110 Palikas and 4 Provinces.


Educational Page’s 20 Years Contribution on Promoting Public Education in Nepal

Registration:                                      Office of the Company Registrar, Company registration

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