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Related to Educational Publication

 Fortnightly Newspaper:

  • Published ‘Educational Pages,’ a fortnightly newspaper in Nepal covering comprehensive education news, views, and issues since 2003.  It highlighted community school successes, provided policy updates, and shared educational insights.

Publication of ‘Steps towards Success’

  • Published ‘Steps towards Success,’ featuring school success stories in Nepali language. It showcased success processes and strategies, serving as inspiration and guidance. For more, Please find the link here:  https://shorturl.at/jktEV

Fact Sheets (National and District level):

  • Produced fact sheets with education-related data, facts, and figures. Please find link of the fact sheets here: https://rb.gy/u4knj4  / https://rb.gy/0z0bn3
  • Disseminated disaggregated fact sheets, particularly focusing on girls’ education at national and district levels.
  • Explored and compiled disaggregated data on girls’ education and the overall status of women.

ECD (Early Childhood Development) publication

  • Published Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials on Early Childhood Development. Please find the link of publication here……

Policy Provision on Education at Federal structure in Education

  • Covered federal education policies through posters and pamphlets, contributing to community awareness and understanding. Please find the link of publication here: https://shorturl.at/lxBSV