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Girls Education and Equity

Formation and operationalization of Girls and Inclusive Education Network (GIE Network)

  • Educational Pages actively involved in establishing and evolving the GIE Network in 2004.
  • Played important role in supporting the outreach of GIE mandates, worked to address GIE  issues, provided resources, and  contributed to enhance capacities of the GIE network
  • Facilitated the formation of district-level GIE networks in 19 districts.
  • Provided facilitation and support for district-level GIE networks
  • Established provincial-level GIE networks covering SudurPaschim, Karnali, Lumbini, and Madesh provinces.
  • Facilitated to establishment of Gender Equity Networks (GEN) in 110 Local Government level
  • Working towards addressing issues in girls’ education and gender equity, emphasizing enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes.
  • Expanded the GIE Network’s scope to tackle challenges like gender-based violence, emergency responses, and broader social inclusion.

Engagement with Gender Focal Persons (GFPs) at Schools

  • Facilitated District GIE Networks to expand GFPs at schools.
  • Coordinated and mobilized GFPs for activities supporting girls’ education and gender equity.
  • Developed and distributed Terms of Reference (ToR) for GFPs, provided orientation on equity, and trained them to operate suggestion boxes.
  • Organized conferences and workshops focusing on reducing gender-based violence in schools
  • Actively engaged in campaigns against gender-based violence in schools

Establishment of the complaints Response Mechanism and its operationalization in schools

  • Supported the establishment Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) in 2200 schools across 110 Palikas of 4 Provinces till date
  • Online reporting initiated in 2019 from 9 Palikas and reached to 23 Palikas in 2023
  • Developed and provided record keeping tools for GFPs of 500+ schools

National Conference on Girls’ Education and Gender Equity and Follow-up Activities:

  • Organized National Conference on Girls’ Education and Gender Equity in 2012 in collaboration with the Department of Education (DoE), with active participation from six Ministries, NPC, GE Networking Member organizations, District GE Network, and GFPs For more, Please find the link here : https://shorturl.at/jktEV     https://rb.gy/i2787b
  • Emphasized developing inter-agency coordination for executing the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) with a focus on equity.
  • Formulated follow-up activities and plans post-National Conference, contributing to the 16-day international campaign against gender-based violence.
  • Organized conferences and workshops in 2012 focusing on reducing gender-based violence in schools, demonstrating commitment to girls’ education.
  • Actively engaged in campaigns against gender-based violence in schools