• Shreenagar, Minbhawan, Kathmandu
  • 01-4781046

Contribution on policy Engagement

Policy Level Engagement:

  • Engaged with the Parliament Committee for Women, Children, Education, and Social Welfare for policy advocacy on educational issues
  • Introduced Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) in Nepal and supported CEHRD to mainstream it by developed implementation guideline of CRM. For more, please refer the link here: https://rb.gy/wzxo8c
  • Engage with CEHRD on GIE Network, Education Cluster and Equity and Inclusive thematic group of MoEST

Inter-Ministry Coordination on Girls Education:

  • Facilitated inter-ministerial coordination among five ministries, for education issues particularly on issues of girls education
  • Contributed to address coordination gaps among government agencies to realize quality education for all. For more, please refer the link here: https://rb.gy/gl7hlv

Publicizing Equity Strategy Paper:

  • Supported the Ministry/Department of Education in launching the Girls’ Education Strategy Paper (2014).